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fishing 4 light

an exhibit
Marcus Wise: photographer

Ice House
2528 Nicollet Avenue South
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55404

Opening: Monday, February 23, 2015
5:00 - 9:00 pm

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About Marcus Wise | Fishing 4 Light

Four decades of daily tabla drum practice demands an inner perception and constant focus on small details. The myriad melodic patterns and mirrored subdivisions of ancient east Indian drumming has been literally pounded into my psyche. Over the years, envisioning colors and imagery created by sound has always tweaked my curiosity.

By some fluke, not intended to become an obsession, I find using my camera (Olympus pen 3 and a Zuko 60 mm 1:28 macro lens) has allowed me to follow my fantasy and see where it leads me.

My wife Jan and I travel several times a season to the Oldenburg house in Carlton Minnesota to visit our great friends Helen Swanson and her son Glenn Swanson. From their home its a short walk to the Munger trail or Jay Cook park paths which can parallel the Saint Louis river and its incredible shores and inlets where the dichromate colored boulders have sat for eons. Within the park, trail and the river is where I have taken hundreds of photos of stone, bark, lichen and water, the dawn and dusk light on this landscape gives me an almost endless canvas to click away at. I also have seriously studied over the last 5 years the effect that ­30% windchill has on my upper east facing window. With its 110 year old glass and leaky wooden seal, the frost thats created on the inner portion of the storm window can be astonishing ! At just the right time at dawn, the rising sun filters thru the ice and thats where the magic landscapes reside for just a half hour or so before it melts or is over exposed by the intense sun light.



The Icehouse has been so generous to have my exhibit hung on their walls, my website contains all the photos from this show and thru the contact info one can order prints of these (or others) at custom sizes. Production of these photos has been greatly assisted by my web site manager Glenn Swanson and "Image Communications" Rod Volker

Sincerely Marcus Wise | marcuswise.net